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The Human Health Dangers of Bird Droppings in Air-conditioning

The nutrient-rich accumulations of bird droppings and feathers contain serious disease organisms that can be severely dangerous to humans. Not only does bird waste cause an unsightly and sometimes foul-smelling mess that can be difficult to remove or even cause slips and falls, they also contain a variety of harmful pathogens. So, exactly how dangerous are bird droppings to human health?


This is a respiratory disease that results from fungus growing in dried bird droppings. Histoplasmosis is dangerous enough to be fatal; the fungus responsible can be found in either yeast or filamentous form.


Often referred to simply as ‘food poisoning’, salmonellosis can be traced to various birds such as pigeons, sparrows and starlings. This health complaint can occur as a result when dust from bird droppings are sucked in through ventilators and air conditioning machines; the disease bacteria are found in the droppings. The risk is especially high in homes, restaurants and food processing plants where cooking surfaces and food can quickly become contaminated.


This is a yeast infection that can be spread by pigeons. The fungus causes a disease which affects the skin and mouth along with the respiratory system, intestines and urogenital tract. It is especially an issue for women; causing problems with pain and irritation ‘down below’.

E. coli:

The E. coli infection is one of the most common to be spread by enteric bacteria, which can often be traced in animal faeces. By simply visiting sites where E. coli is present such as in cow manure at farms, birds will then spread the disease to humans through their own droppings.


Cryptococcosis is a disease caused by the yeast found in the intestinal tract of birds such as starlings and pigeons. In general, this illness tends to begin as a pulmonary disease, but when left untreated can begin to cause further health complaints by attacking the central nervous system. The fungus responsible is often found at sites such as schools, attics, warehouses, mills, barns, and offices as they tend to be popular sites for nesting and roosting.

St. Louis Encephalitis:

This is an inflammation of the nervous system which tends to result in symptoms such as fever, headaches and drowsiness. In severe cases, it can even lead to coma, or paralysis, and there is a chance of it resulting in a fatality. It is especially dangerous to the over-60’s and is spread by infected birds to humans via mosquitos.

Bird droppings don’t only look disgusting; they can have devastating consequences for your health. If bird droppings are a problem on your premises, contact National Bird Control for a no obligation discussion regarding the eradication/removal of the problem birds. Call 1300 00 BIRD (2473)


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