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Are Pest Birds a Problem on your Premises?

Stop pest birds from destroying or nesting on your premises. The National Bird Control team utilise a number of bird eradication strategies to put an end to your pest bird nightmare.

Eradication & Management Services for the control of Feral Pigeons, City Pigeons, City Doves or Street Pigeons.

Mynah Birds
Mynah Birds

Eradication and management of Common Myna Birds also known as an Indian Myna or Indian Mynah.

House Sparrows
House Sparrows

Removal of common sparrows, their nests & droppings.


Our effective bird management techniques will stop Seagulls from destroying your property and annoying your guests.

English Starlings
English Starlings

Eradicate and remove English Starlings from your premises and protect your investment.

National Bird Control utilise these strategies to solve your pest bird problem…

Bird Spikes

An effective physical deterrent to bird populations, Bird Spikes work by reducing the physical area that is available for birds to land on...

Bird Netting

National Bird Control stock a large range of anti-bird netting suitable for all applications from backyard fruit trees, to entire orchards and...

Energised Surface

National Bird Control’s energised bird deterrent will effectively and humanely stop birds from landing or nesting on any flat service on...

Ultrasonic Systems

Ultrasonic bird systems can disrupt feral birds without bothering humans.


What clients are saying about National Bird Control...

Thank you so much for your time today and sending through the report. I really appreciate your honesty and guidance. I will definitely be using your services again.

JB. Gold Coast

Thankyou so much for being so great to deal with and so informative. We will certainly contact you again for future treatments.

RH. Brisbane

Great Professional - will recommend you to friends and family.

ML, Gold Coast

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